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I have no doubt that if you decide any of those things will happen, they will! And it will be great to read about each and every success...good luck!


I often think that if you want to do something you have just got to get on with it, believe deeply that it is going to work and stay very strong and focused! I have a problem managing all that at once though. :)


This is lovely and you a dream.


Hello xxxxxx
I just wanted to say that your writing is so specilal at the moment...it makes me think, laugh and nod in understanding... You have a real gift with putting thoughts down onto paper...
Thank you xxx
Nicola xx
In the colder part of the world!


you are gifted indeed and a gift to us xx

Megan  Young

Bless you Ms Fleur. A dream is better than a nightmare xx

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Megan  Young

Thats such a kind thing to day, made my day, thank you xx

Megan  Young

Woops, sent the last email before Id written anything! Thank you so much for this Nicola, it means so much to me for you to say that.

Annie @ knitsofacto

" ... it is so hard, so painful, to be rejected after we have revealed to others something that is important to us, that even the possibility of such a thing can keep us small and silent." This. And it's why we should all keep shouting if we have something to say.


I do fear I get a bit repetitive with my comments on your blog Megan, beautiful again, and so familiar that choice between trying with your full self, or holding back for fear of failure, so that you can at least comfort yourself in the notion that you didn't really try your hardest anyway. Good luck and best wishes with any and all of those ambitions!


"the ghosts of the past are quiet" - that is very beautiful.
I have no doubt that you will achieve all these things or at least the things you decide that you want to pursue. I am a little in awe of you, Miss Megan.

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