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Ah, "You do your best, and then you let it go" indeed. Go kick anxiety in the face with your stompy boots and get that paper done! You are believed in!


pick up and that ball and run for the touch line Megan. x


Beautifully written, cogently argued. I reckon you'll do OK


All the best wishes for your challenge. I love this post, you are so right about the acceptance of whatever happens, just keep on moving!

Alice C

This post really speaks to me. I look back at my life and see that the turning points were BTFI moments. Thank you Megan for giving me this insight which encourages me to be braver in future.


You've articulated it perfectly.
Now go, go, GO.


You've got this.
I can tell, even if you cannot.


you are moste wise.

in retrospect, the BTFI moments have been some of my best. some worked out, others didn't, but i learned a lot and got to sleep at night. so thanks for the reminder.

you have so got this thing. true story. xo


Wishing you well from here and looking guiltily at the gift I have started for you but not finished because... you know... I'm pretty sure it's not going to turn out well. Sigh. xx

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