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I am sorry you are tired. I am so sorry that you are the kind of tired that is not needing sleep. The kind of tired you have is not nice, and you should have only nice things. I am glad, however, that you already know that on another day you will feel less tired. That's a good thing.

So, there is nothing I can say that will make you less tired, but I do know that place you are finding yourself, and I wish I could just come and sit with you and keep you company until you feel less tired. Alas, there is a rather large Ocean between us, so I will just send my internet good thoughts to you.

Much love!

Megan  Young

Your internet good thoughts are worth more than you can know xx


I love your writing Megan even when you're tired. I shall be thinking of the chocolate eating toy dog when I watch the rugby and I shall be supporting NZ because, well, all my guys are out of it now and I don't half love the haka.


sleep tight Megan. xxx

Megan  Young

The haka is really very special, isnt it? Im not a greatly patriotic type, but that always gives me the goosebumps.

Megan  Young

Cheers, my friend xx


While we (Welsh, therefore out!) are watching the match, cheering New Zealand as we have a nephew out there, I will be thinking of a chocolate-sharing toy dog, watching the same match, but on the other side of the world, wearing his little shirt.
I do so love this blog!

Megan  Young

And you were so close against the Boks too, no mean feat, especially with so many injured players. Well, we will have to beat them for you, but it would have been nice to be playing the Welsh instead. Scotland came so close too!

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Annie @ knitsofacto

Being bone weary is a horrible thing ... here's hoping that the day when you're not so tired any more rolls around soon.

I'm another supporting New Zealand because the Welsh are out and NZ is the only country left in that I have any meaningful connection to (my very best friend ever and her family moved there a decade ago).

Megan  Young

Thank goodness, because we only just scraped through and I am sure it was your extra support that helped make the difference.


Yes, I too have those days of bone tired. They are like a weight, dragging. I hope today is a better day and that you are feeling less stretched and worn.

Your words are lovely though, in their descriptiveness. Perfect.

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