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it's definitely a necessary thing [#3], that is. and once you get over the caring-what-other-people-might-think, it's utterly f**king brilliant. it's all about the flow, y'know?

which makes me sound like i have a clue, which is slightly misleadin....i'm still working on it....but at least i'm toiling in the right direction.


Annie @ knitsofacto

It's a good goal to have. I'm a big fan of Austin Kleon. Sometimes I think he's pointing out the obvious, but then I think it wasn't obvious to anyone much but him that someone actually did need to point it out.


I had my first ever watercolour class last night, in a week where distraction has been much needed, two hours flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yes to lots of making.


I love number 2 .... I am not sure I will ever know who I am!!!

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