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No idea what has happened but please don't let one knockback overshadow all the fabulous successes of recent times. Go back over your own blog and remember all the wonderful things that have happened and see how happy you were at the time! Don't be flattened by this recent thing, get back up and carry on to great things...


That painting really draws me in. x


Keep swimming, you do it brilliantly.

Megan  Young

Thanks Simone - it was completed very quickly and I sometimes think when I dont have time to think about it they have a vibrancy I dont achieve when there is time to think. Even if it is also very messy!

Megan  Young

Nothing wrong, Christine - it is those successes that help me understand that as nice as they are, they are fleeting and no the point of the work. What makes me proud and keeps me satisfied is the work itself, even in areas, like the painting, where I am not skilled and have yet to learn how to accomplish what I want to accomplish.


Megan  Young

Thanks Anna. It has become very satisfying, just to do the work and let the rest take care of itself, or not.


That's great to hear.


this is all very brilliant.

i've made similar abandonments in my days and i feel all the better for it. 'tis all just a Glamour after all.

happy to be a genius farmhand, nowadays. xo


maybe that is success in itself though? enjoying things for their own sake rather than for a sense of specific accomplishment, it sounds like the ultimate success in some ways!


keep enjoying it. I think that's the main thing.

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