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So wise.


Love, love, love the art.

Megan  Young

Thanks Marcie. It was fun to do, though it has really been taking me away from Important Things, which was not the idea at all.


painting got me through a rather murky patch....it still does. and it always lifts me out of the chaos and gives me perspective. if you'll pardon the Woo -- it opens up the channels to my instincts and my inner voice which, incidentally, never guides me wrongly [if only i listen].

it also serves as an excellent distraction to the Overwhelm.:)

still, i'd say it's probably one of the healthier coping mechanisms.....


ps. i'm supposed to be getting food ready for a lunch party and yet i'm feeling curiously drawn to my tubes of paint.....*grin*


I've been finding great solace in my first forays into painting these last few weeks, it is so absorbing, entirely distracting. you write well about feeling whole, and accepted, and yet from the outside you seem so true to yourself it's interesting to know that you, too, have those pre-occupations x


better to be a little absorbed in paint than in wine......

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