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Nice to know that a cronut is, as I suspected, nothing special.


Such beautiful colours! I am swooning over them and wishing I could knit.

Megan  Young

Arent they? I had so much fun picking them out. And its never too late to learn. (Or you could just buy yarn to sit on a shelf and admire...).

Megan  Young

Seriously ordinary. An actual donut would have been a much better choice. If youre going to blow all those empty calories, you might as well do it right.


burger cat? I have a teen who would want one of those!

perhaps if the cronut calories were a disappointment then you dont actually have to acknowledge them......


The photos are indeed truly spectacular. Good enough to eat. Maybe even better than that cronut.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I've wondered about cronuts, now I don't need to.

I've also wondered about making Christmas, but I'm BTFI when it comes to Christmas 2015, I've accepted that this is not the year to make anything. It may even be the year to take to my bed until it's all over.

Megan  Young

Ive had those Christmases . May it pass quickly and the better days arrive even faster than that.


I have ideas about making loads of stuff for Christmas .... but never do!! Although I have done a cross stitch. Looking forward to your craft pictures.

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