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So funny, I was at the beach today too in the wind and the rain, and also had my camera with me - and no SD card! There must be something in the air :-)


Categories are hard.

Megan  Young

They are! Doesnt help that my blog isnt actually about anything...

Dont think the colour thing is going to work either. I might just pick 6 nouns at random and use those...


I used to do bullshit categories - placeholder, I have no tags, that sort of thing. Now I don't bother with any.
Meanwhile, I know just what you mean about the sadness/longing, but I haven't any ideas as to why that happens. Maybe, I think, we aren't supposed to have answers. Just feel the feelings.

Megan  Young

Ha! That is funny.

Megan  Young

One more reason why I should be more like you. And yes. Just feel the feelings.


love the word squawly. it describes feelings as well as weather I think x perhaps you're feeling squawly.......


Well your post certainly is about something! You bring back stories from the sea. It made me feel longing for the sea. I was practically born in the sea. Now living in a city for many years there are always obstacles (bike, train) before I am able to step into the sea.
Your beautiful collection - collage - brings your readers back to the sea. Maybe I should stop thinking about the obstacles and just go...
Longing and sadness can be inspiring if you just let it be...

Megan  Young

I love that so much, Ingrid, thank you.


you are right about warm sea water, I much prefer it cold and bracing. I hope that the sadness has ebbed a little, and maybe keeping the pictures in your imagination made them more treasured somehow. I am glad you brought home what you did, and even more glad you shared them with us.

Megan  Young

Yes, the sunshine in my psyche is slowly returning. Spending a week ignoring chores and creating instead has helped. xx

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