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I like the new header very much. And I like your philosophy too. Life is so precious, we shouldn't waste it on meh.


Hmmm...so old and still so much to learn... (I mean me) that´s what I thought when I first read your post. I´m off to make a list too. I really mean it - you should write a book about this stuff.


The header is beautiful. No surprises there. There is a lot of truth in what you have realised. xx


I am not good at sorting out the meh....

Megan  Young

Sames. When youre basically happy, its easy enough to settle for meh, at least that seems to happen to me. -----Original Message-----

Megan  Young

I hope so. Im staking a lot of the rest of my life on it.

Megan  Young

I figure if it was good enough for Michelangelo to still be learning in his 80s, its good enough for me.

Ill let you know re. book - finally had an idea I love, so it may even happen yet :)

Megan  Young

Thanks Sarah. And *such* a precious life, it is just so easy to fall into comfortable ruts and stop challenging ourself. Down with meh!

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