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It's beautiful!

Mary Furness Weir

I'm so happy you like this wool, and were happy with the colour after expecting something different! Thank you so much for purchasing it. This is the colour of the sage in my garden. I do like the lovely cowl you have created, and hope you write out the design.


Lovely knitting. Like you, I love NZ, such a beautiful country, although I take no joy in living on the coast. If I had my way, I would be a hill woman, in the wild heartland of Aotearoa, where the dark winds are born.


good grief woman is there no end to your talents...


fabulous colour, and I love those images of the coast, so soothing x

Megan  Young

I find the colours soothing too. :)

Megan  Young

Well, I never did master the flugelhorn.

Megan  Young

Its funny how landscape can affect us so differently. I would feel trapped and enclosed living in the mountains, though they are a beautiful place to visit. And I love your description.

Megan  Young

Oh, I love it, one of the nicest hanks of yarn I have ever knitted with. Hope to get some more when I have de-stashed a little bit, my pile of odd bits and pieces cant fit in their very large hamper anymore...

Megan  Young

Cheers, my dear. It has been gifted to my lovely model, on whom it looks so much better than me.


Where are you? I miss your posts.

Megan  Young

Im right here :)

Am just getting a post ready for today, great minds must think alike... xx

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