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I sincerely love your art (and your photographs). And I love the vision of your day in Winter. It's still quite hot here, but autumn is definitely threading its way through the stubbornness of summer.


Complete magic. I love your art.


We are into late spring here in the mountains of north Georgia, and though it is beautiful, I am an autumn person. Your photos are beautiful and I love your artwork. I have always liked your color and line..... and there is always a bit of whimsy. Hope you have several of those cold, winter days to enjoy as your very own. You really deserve that, you know☺️.


hello you profilic blogger you! you are putting me to shame. hangs head and ponders if she has anything to say.......


I'm currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic and what you've written of here is just what she talks about in her book. Definite magic. Reading that book, and reading your words here, are just what I've been needing to read, at just this time in my life, as I'm beginning to recognize the magic in what I create (finally!).
I adore that portrait in the bottom right. So much from so few lines and strokes of colour.

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