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great post Megan, and a wonderful description of what can be gained from qualitative research. As for your space here, I think it is a beautiful place, coherent in its own way, and meaningful. Whether that equates to useful is a big question, but sometimes (most times) beauty is more important than function xx


I like your blog - I used to read so many, every day. Now it's down to 3, once or twice a week. You are honest and raw and I have really enjoyed seeing your art develop...I would miss you if you stopped.

Chris from Amiximaki

Tea indeed!! I found your blog today. I've to say that it's quite my kind of blog. It's amazing that I was just thinking about what you are saying when I was "walking" arround my selection of blogs today. Suddently I realize that the most interesting ones have less and less posts. Those Bloggers have move out to Instagram or similars. The others professionalize themselves and all their posts are without any spontaneity. So calculated. So "sponsor oriented". Reading others stories is inspiring and motivational. It's an opportunity to structure my opinions about so different subjects. Hope you are not on your way to quit the blogosphere...


I'll always come Megan, whatever you write, but especially when there are wise words about tea.

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