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I'm looking forward to what you have to say.


if those pics of your mother's doll on IG, lo those many moons ago, is indicative of your sort of weird...then I'm very much looking forward to where you wander next. :) and even if it isn't, i'm still looking forward to it. weird, in whatever manifestation, is good.


Megan  Young

Thats exactly my kind of weird - I find creepy doll hilarious. But it cost me 40 or so Instagram followers who didnt feel the same, hence the warning. Still, weird must out, and lucky for me there are fellow weirdos out there too. Like you :)

Megan  Young

I feel you should receive some kind of bonus point just for wading through all that pompous arse-ness. Sometimes I need to talk myself blue in the face about a thing until I really understand what I mean about that thing, its just unfortunate I also feel the need to do it publicly. Well, I do hope the next couple of years are going to be fun. Or unexpected, anyway. xx

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